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Semi Circle Set Of 12

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“This wooden extra large semi-circle plate can enhance the beauty and possibilities to play with rainbow stackers. Combine with 12 large rainbow wooden stacker building blocks, so that your child can make creative dollhouses, spiral staircases, and other colorful buildings. The wooden rainbow plates provide space for open and inspiring games and cultivate children’s creativity. It allows your kid’s imagination to be more fun. Like a work of art for children Clear wood grain, color, and texture. This is proof of natural life. Wooden toys can promote children’s touch, perception, and exploration, thereby inspiring children’s senses.” 


  • This Wooden Rainbow Stacking Game is made out of really pretty wood no have a bad smell and is very smooth to the touch. With 7 different shaped & colored wooden pieces, coupled together into a rainbow shape, this toy set introduces a certain amount of realism that your kids will absolutely be fascinated with!
  • Rainbow arch bridge design. Varying ways to play with, can be used as a building block, stimulate imagination and develop creativity and help develop intelligence.
  • Rainbow blocks play an important role in kids’ life and bring joy and happiness into kids’ childhood life. Every child loves to stack or nest rainbow puzzles or use them as open-ended toys.
  • INSPIRES CREATIVITY: This will be great for creativity, imagination, pretend play, and color/size/comparison recognition. Rainbow arches can be pretended as bridges, tunnels, bikes, or beds for little dolls… let your imagination free.
  • Perfect as Wooden Puzzles, Toddler Puzzles, Preschool Learning Toys, Wooden Blocks, and Wooden Toys for boys or girls.


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